Breakfast that makes you happy!

Breakfast Can Set You Up For A Happier, Positive Day!

With the “EatEasy” exclusive formula, we want to cuddle you every day starting from wake up.

So open your eyes and just smile!

To a good wake up, nothing is better than our tasty breakfast.

A different choice for different taste: selection of fresh fruit, croissant with jam, fresh pastries and homemade cakes, yogurt, grain, but also cold cuts and chees, bacon & eggs, different kind of bread. Milk, fresh-squeezed juice and coffee bar.

Breakfast is served starting from 07.00 am till 11.00 am.

Feel free! No fixed time!

You could eat whenever you want!

Ask for your favorite course everytime and taste them at our “EatUp”room, or outside in the terrace, or, if you prefer, in your room. Choose from our “BreakEasy”menu: main course, second course, salad, piadina or pizza!

Everything is cooked and ready in an instant!

Simple food service is served from 12.00 am to 11.00 pm.